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 Real Talk with Todd Howard: The Reckoning

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Real Talk with Todd Howard: The Reckoning Empty
PostSubject: Real Talk with Todd Howard: The Reckoning   Real Talk with Todd Howard: The Reckoning Icon_minitime12/4/2011, 8:39 am

Real Talk with Todd Howard: The Reckoning 4c2ccfa0e0793_featured_without_text_todd-howard

It's time for Todd Howard to answer our questions. The folks at good ol' Game Informer bring us a special edition of their weekly podcast to feature Todd Howard's greatness as he answers the fan community's questions. Let's get into the information we were given.

Right off the bat Todd says there will not be spears, at least not "in the traditional sense". So what, pikes? Who knows but Todd? Then Todd explains the perk system. Each weapon, armor and magic type has it's own perk tree. There are about 280 perks as of now. That's A LOT. They are exploring things like werewolves and vampires and knows that they're popular, but they're not sure if they'll show up in the end product. If they're working on it though, it probably means it'll just end up as DLC down the line. They're also exploring mounts but they might not show up as often as they did in Oblivion. Todd admits that the horses in TESIV were lame and if they show up again they'd want them to be near Red Dead Redemption quality.

There's a lot of crafting now. Smithing, enchanting, alchemy and even cooking. There's a bigger emphasis and power in them too. The team also has ideas for spellcrafting but they feel that it usually takes away the "magic" of magic and makes it feel too much like accounting.

Todd talked a bit about character creation. You're a prisoner. There are two reasons for this. 1) It's traditional and 2) It lets the player make up an explanation for what happens. There's a hidden third reason too, which is IT'S EASY. True story. Also, each race, like usual, has its own stat bonuses and spells. No classes. Skills just go up depending on how you play and not on what skills you increase. Sculpting your character's face is much better. Less little details and specification and more quality. We finally have pre-made features. I've been asking for this since I booted up Oblivion. We finally get to make characters who's faces don't look like moldy grapes.

On the subject of bosses, Mr. Howard explains that they're the big bads; the ones you fear the most. They're the top bosses and you've gotta fight them. He describes them as a mix of a Big Daddy from BioShock and the helicopter from Half-Life. They can go anywhere and attack at anytime and possibly in numbers. They come in different varieties too. Sadly, you can't ride them. Damn, I was hoping for more quality dragon-riding action (/sarcasm).

There is a high number of companions. Because there's such a large amount of them though, most don't have much depth or story. A few do though. Scripted quests have parts that are totally conditionalized and generated. Others have roles and pieces filled out by characters, places and events. There are still strictly scripted quests though. Basically, some quests are dynamic and others are not. A lot more quests than ever before too. Factions are a GO. Some return, others are totally different from things done before. The game goes mostly hudless. There is a small compass bar, a magicka, health and stamina meter which come up when they are affected. The player-character learns he's dragonborn during an event with a dragon. The Greyballs then find out about him and literally shout at the player to go to the Throat of the World, where you really do have to climb 7,000 steps to get to the top.

Howard touches on the style of Skyrim. He says that if you don't like Oblivion or Morrowind you won't like Skyrim. Skyrim is however more unique than Morrowind or Oblivion, which Howard claims were somewhat generic fantasy in feel and appearance. It's gritty, raw and ancient. The Skyrim map is about the same diameter as Oblivion's, but the amount of raised topography make it seem larger. It takes more time to walk across the land because of all the mountains. Plus, you get to go to higher plains, so technically that means there's more land to traverse. There is no level cap. Max is reached depending on the characters skills. Leveling happens faster so that people can get to all those perks sooner.

The game is built on the PC. Todd's favorite platform is the Xbox 360 because it's easiest to work with. Motion controls are almost definitely not going to happen. Todd promises that gameplay footage is coming very soon. They're all pretty sure it'll be a solid M. And finally, 11/11/11 is pretty much the absolute deadline. They usually don't pencil in a date for their games so it's a good indication that they're sure with this one now.

And that is all and I do believe this is the last of the Game Informer news barrage. Hope you liked it!

Source: Game Informer
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Real Talk with Todd Howard: The Reckoning
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