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 Game Informer Keeps it Coming

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PostSubject: Game Informer Keeps it Coming   Game Informer Keeps it Coming Icon_minitime11/16/2011, 6:46 am

Game Informer Keeps it Coming Alduinwall-610

Ight, so Game Informer is pumping out the news lately so I might as well talk about it. You can check out the secrets of Alduin's wall, which appeared in the reveal trailer and is actually a massive structure that chronicles the major events of Nirn, from the last time Alduin fucked up shit to the Oblivion Crisis. Sooooo it's like a giant Elder Scroll? Okay then. Oh, and the way they defeated Alduin in the past isn't clear. inb4 self-sacrifice.

Then we have a three-part interview with Todd Howard, in which he discusses the genesis of The Elder Scrolls, his work on the series, the influences and goals of the series and his take on the current events of the gaming industry. Nothing big for news really, but interesting nonetheless. Todd's always a very calming individual. I wouldn't mind him telling me bedtime stories. Wait, what? Anywhoozle...

And finally we have four videos from Bethesda's Audio Director and Sound Designer, Mark Lampert. A couple of reveals here, including the return of the Centurion Sphere's from Morrowind, a new enhancement spell called Iron Flesh, a new gameplay mechanic called "Dragon Shout" that both the player and the dragons can use (this was discussed a bit in the Skyrim GI), Jeremy Soule will return to score, combining the old themes from the previous games with viking music (which is intense) and that Max von Sydow is officially in the game playing the narrator and Blade mentor to the main character. We also get some lines from him:
I used to dream of it; in the dream I was standing someplace high up- a tower or a mountain.
It was always just before dawn and the whole world was in darkness.
Then came the flash of light just on the horizon, within the clouds that mark the border between the worlds.
It could've been lightning, but there was no thunder.
In the dream, the sense of foreboding grew, but I could never wake up.
Then it came again, this time more distinct, closer; definitely not lightning.
Now it was orange, brilliant orange, the color of hearth, and dawn.

So cool stuff.

Also, I finally got my issue of Game Informer AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, well, there's really nothing more in it that the scans didn't already tell us. The presentation is nice though and the pictures are cool. Ill probably frame it or something. It's pretty intense.

Source: Game Informer's Skyrim Hub
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Game Informer Keeps it Coming
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