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 Epic Skyrim trailer dissection

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PostSubject: Epic Skyrim trailer dissection   2/27/2011, 11:29 am

That's right motherfucker, the first gameplay trailer for Skyrim is out, and holy shit is it amazing. Harry Partridge levels of excitement are totally natural. I mean, this trailer is great. And who else but me is going to go frame-by-frame and cut this bitch open? Let's kick it.

Wow. The new engine looks awesome. I mean, we'd seen the great graphics before in the Game Informer screens, but in action it looks jaw dropping. And this is just some landscape. We get a lot more all throughout this trailer.

Looks like here is that sprinting mechanic in action. The Duvahkiin has to make good time.

This image gives us a look at the effects of spells on the landscape around you. It also shows the Dragonborn being really intense. I'd like a wallpaper of that.

Thuum time baby!

UH, take that shout punkass dragon!

The scale of this game is really huge. Compare those buildings to those people. That's big, and apparently most cities in Skyrim are like that. Those buildings are the size of the Imperial City's! Awesome.


Some people are claiming that this is a ship. While we all know that the Nords are a great seafaring race, I'm pretty sure that thing in the hazy sea is just a reflection of the buildings on the above cliff in the water. I really hope there are ships though. Holy shit, I want to be a captain.

Giants are going to be fun to fight. These dudes are big. Their footfalls shake the ground. I wonder if they'll fight like Super Mutant Behemoths from Fallout.

Hunting is one of the best parts of Oblivion. It feels like you're actually in the world, just living. Great for immersion. Stuff like that is what makes The Elder Scrolls my favorite RPG.

Oh yeah, dragon-battle baby. I love how it reacts and recoils to every blow. The blood effects look great. So intense.

Here's some of that BioShock influence in Skyrim. It's probably a pretty good idea to bring a fire spell along with your sword to take on a frost troll. Smart little Duvahkiin!

Playing an assassin is bound to be fun. Striking from the shadows, murdering your pray in the darkness. HOW FUN!

Ooh, right to the face. The fights are brutal in the north indeed.

The lighting looks pretty good. I dig it.

Damn, look at that AoE! It's like a mininuke blast. Awesome.

Spirits? That guy better be bringing some silver of enchanted weapons with him. Cool armor though.

Arrows vs wild dog!

Ouch, that's a painful end. Finishers are just as violent as all the other combat in Skyrim. A sword through the chest, that's intense.

And hey there, look at that, Nirnroot! Confirmed baby.

EECK, giant spider! i r fraidz.

Woah, it's a Dragonborn Quickening! Sick!

Over there on the left looks like the stairway to the Throat of the World. And on the right, another dragons. There's a lot of them in Skyrim it seems. A LOT.

Boom, the date that is etched in all of our minds. And that's it for the trailer. Big stuff. Very epic. Cannot wait. See you next news article!

Source: GameTrailers
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Epic Skyrim trailer dissection
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