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 Gossip Around Cyrodiil

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PostSubject: Gossip Around Cyrodiil   2/27/2010, 9:58 pm

Lord Rugdumph Abuses Lady Rugdumph:

I was walking past Lord Rugdumph’s farm, and I got a message that Lady Rugdumph was unconcious. I thought the Ogres had her again, but saw none, so I went into the house, and she was in there, and Lord Rugdumph was very mad to see me. Lady Rugdumph’s health was very low, so I healed her, and Lord Rugdumph told me unless I had business there to leave. He would not be pursueded at all, (and he had liked me when I saved her from the Ogres before, but now his opinion of me was at like 26 all of a sudden) or talk about rumors. There was no one else in the house, so it appears there is some abuse going on there! And I always thought he was such a good guy! lol

Hieronymus Lex Caught Sleeping With Imperial Guard

While performing the "Untaxing The Poor" (Thieves Guild) quest I noticed two people in the small single bed in Heironymus Lex’s bedroom. I was in sneak anyway, and just crept closer to the bed to see who it was. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be an Imperial Guard!

Of course, everyone who has read the journal in "The Master’s Son" (Fighter’s Guild) quest already knows about Viranus Donton and Edward.

If you stop by the "Hammer and Tongs" shop in Skingrad very early in the morning you will catch proprietor Agnete "The Pickled" and Skingrad Castle butler Shum gro-Yarug together, he turns away quickly and stands facing away from you, (hoping not to be recognized?), and if you talk to him his dispostion towards you drops. If you have checked out his schedule to buy a house or do the Thieves Guild quest in Castle Skingrad, you will note that visiting Agnete is no where on the list, it shows his day starting at 10 am, when he goes to the West Weald Inn, then the Colovian Traders. He has been there as early as 6:00 am, but I haven’t caught them in bed together yet, because everytime I jump over to her balcony from mine and break into her upstairs living area, she immediately runs to where you have entered. Her sneak must be maxed out.

Courtier Anya Herrick and Steward Kithlan from the Dementia side of Shivering Isles are sleeping together.

Two suicides in Cyrodiil that I have found: (1) headless zombie killed himself over a woman he loved who rejected him (drowned in pond behind Ft. Nikel), the other an Ogre under a bridge in one of the rivers. Both have their suicide notes on them.

Mirabelle Monet, Proprietor of the Fo’C’sle is sleeping with all 5 of her tenants. Her fave is Thurindil, that crazed Wood Elf. She admits openly that she only allows "Seamen" (get it?) to stay at her rooms, but as far as I can tell, Thurindil is no seaman.

Roderic Pierrane and Irene Metrick are a hot item, get his disposition up to at least 60 and he will admit it, but ask you not to tell his wife. (you can catch them in bed together on Sundays (after midnite Saturday night). (Elven Gardens district Imperial City)

Did anyone check out the basement of Gweden Farm when doing the "Siren’s Deception" quest? Penarus Inventius was naked when he left that house, his pants, armor, and prize Minotaur horn were left behind. You will also find Heinrich Oaken-Hull has left his clothing and family jewels (I didn’t embarass him by returning them); but don’t feel too bad for Oaken-Hull’s wife, she is cheating too, with Enilroth, who works at Morvayn’s Peacemakers. You can find a love letter in the Oaken-Hull house upstairs behind a table. She meets him in the stables for their "roll in the hay." (find them there between 4-8 pm) When asked how she handles it with Heinrich being away at sea 9 months out of the year she says "The nine console her." I won’t touch that line with a nine inch pole.

Anyone who has made the mistake of asking Eyja (your maid) to tell you about herself will find out that Gunder was emotionally abusive to her. He never hit her, but just "wasn’t there for her." He must have had amazing restraint.

A guard at the main gate in Anvil hates Khajiit. If your character is Khajiit he will call you a "Furlicker" as you walk by. (He may be the one that hates the cats mod and tries to kill the cats the mod puts in Anvil)

In the "Dividing Line" armor shop in Leyawiin, the assistant hates Khajiit and will say stuff like "What does ass taste like" when a Khajiit walks near him.

The book "Sancre Tor" mentions a secret entrance to Sancre Tor through a tunnel based in the bottom of a nearby lake, but it doesn’t exist.

The Nirnroot paper Sinderion gives you in the "Seeking Your Roots" quest mentions that Nirnroot was originally found only in the mountains, in cold climates and was orange. If anyone has ever found an Orage Nirnroot in the mountains, post it, because I have been unable to find one.

Mя. Spocк wrote:
When people talk about how Mandil is good with locks they always say "he".

Audends Avidius will find you anywhere, even if you’re in the lowest level of some fort miles away from the IC.

** Audends Avidius will also follow you into an Oblivion Gate too, but as he is unarmored he dies quick in there. There is a note on his body that reveals his plot to kill you. He will come in your home too, follow you into caves and ruins, etc.

Who is Audends Avidius?

Imperial City quest "Imperial Corruption" - he is the corrupt cop you get arrested. If you are level 4 or above, he escapes jail after 10 days and comes after you. If you are under level 4, he escapes as soon as you reach level 4. He will hunt you anywhere, but has only his jail outfit (sackcloth pants and shirt) and a small dagger, but if you aren’t expecting him he comes in your house to kill you, and may surprise you when you are sleeping, etc. I always time it out, and during the 10 days set up all kinds of torture for him. I save the game right before he gets out, and then go diff places with him following, like Arkveds tower, climbing along the sides of the Jerall Mountains, etc. The Oblivion world is too quick and easy for killing him, he is no match and is gone immediately. (not like the Bleak Mine Guards, that was scary!)

After level 10 or so you can run faster than your horse.

After you get finish the magic paintbrush quest, the dark elf will tell you to enjoy the hospitality of his home. But as soon as he finishes talking, his wife, with a sarcastic smile on her face, tells you to get out or get arrested.

And if she says that, she will stalk you afterwards. She will hang outside your Cheydenhall house, open the gate and walk around in your yard, etc. If you leave as soon as he gives you the Apron, she doesn’t do it.

Here is some of the weird stuff that Ive seen in Oblivion

1. An Imperial Legionarre murdering an Imperial Forester outside of Bruma

2. I was able to talk to a Bloodcrust vampire during the Mages Guild Quest "Information at a Price"

3. the dog loving couple in Chorrol killing their dogs unprovoked when I broke into their house

4. In the dark brotherhood quest "Whodunnit?" Dovesi Dran killed Nels the Naughty unprovoked and everyone just acted like they didnt see it . Even she was suprised by the death. At least she performed the first murder for me >Smile

5. The propieter of All Things Alchemical Falanu Hlaalu asks what the fine is for Necrophielia. If you watch her at night she sneaks behind the house across the street from your Skingrad house and does something with that bum that sleeps back there. I used a life detect to see where she went, she kneels beside them. Could she be feeding?

Also, if you don’t act shocked and answer “Is this the first offense?” she will say, “Let’s just say no.” or something similar.
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Mad God
Mad God

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PostSubject: Re: Gossip Around Cyrodiil   2/28/2010, 6:32 am

Every time I travel around Bruma, I always see the Legionnaire and the Forester Duking it out. Sometimes I help the Forester out. I wonder what he did?
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PostSubject: Re: Gossip Around Cyrodiil   2/28/2010, 7:19 am

Connor Norris wrote:
Every time I travel around Bruma, I always see the Legionnaire and the Forester Duking it out. Sometimes I help the Forester out. I wonder what he did?

I've seen that too, I think the forester kills a deer, then the Legionnaire attacks him. Since you have to go there pretty early in the game (if you jump on the Main Questline - it may be a way to get good equipment into the players hands - I know I got a great bow out of it. (Found out I couldn't shoot it worth a shucks though, lol.)
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Mehrunes' Dildo
Mehrunes' Dildo

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PostSubject: Re: Gossip Around Cyrodiil   1/7/2011, 6:03 pm

Ronok wrote:
Every time I travel around Bruma, I always see the Legionnaire and the Forester Duking it out. Sometimes I help the Forester out. I wonder what he did?

Nothing. Legionnaires just hate foresters. Seriously man, you wouldn't believe what the legion's factions get up to when they think nobody is looking. Foresters and beggers, those are their favorite targets.

mALX wrote:
Something about the dark elf painter's wife.

She probably wants to get all hot and heavy with you where her husband won't see. Dark elf chicks are whores, just sayin'.

Are you afraid of me? Don't be. I'm just a clown.
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PostSubject: Re: Gossip Around Cyrodiil   

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Gossip Around Cyrodiil
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